David Rider


After going on a pheasant hunt in 2016, I decided I was tired of losing birds. I did a lot of research on breeds, and talked to quite a few breeders. After Chuck and I had talked, I realized I had found my Breeder and hopefully a great pup.

BEYOND! Smalls, my female Brittany, is amazing, personable and great to train. But most of all she's a hunting machine. I took her to an awesome trainer, Nathan Tekell, out of Winters Texas. He had nothing but praise and high hopes for Smalls. I’ve been very fortunate to get a dog that both will go on point and then retrieve. Most of this by bloodline and instinct.

Smalls has made me a believer of Chucks breeding program, his bloodlines and Brittany’s in general. What a great dog, family member, and friend Smalls has turned out to be. Thank you Chuck.

Submitted by : David Rider on 02/04/2018

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