About Us

Brittanys have been a part of my life since my childhood. Growing up, my brother and I had several really good Brittanys. We hunted quail as often as we could. My brother had a Brittany named Duke. He trained us, not the other way around. He was one of the best bird dogs that I have had the opportunity to hunt over. After hunting with Duke, I was hooked for life on Brittanys. Since those days, I have had lots of Brittanys that were both loyal family pets and bird dogs on the weekends.

When I decided to retire from a career as a PE teacher and coach, I knew that I wanted to raise and train Brittanys. So I began researching the best bloodlines and started acquiring dogs with excellent pedigrees. Throughout my search for these dogs, I have been fortunate to meet several of the top breeders and field trial competitors in the country. They have been a valuable resource to guide me in the right direction and help me acquire several of my dogs.

At River Haven Brittanys, we have some very fine bird dogs with great pedigrees. But more importantly, we breed for the right temperament. Our dogs will hunt hard all day long and cuddle with you on the couch that evening.

Many of our customers are only interested in having a nice family pet and our pups will certainly be great companions. Some are simply looking for a nice hunting dog and our pups are excelling as bird hunters too. Many of our customers want both a loyal companion and a quality hunting dog and they have been more than satisfied with their River Haven Brittany. A few of our customers are looking for a quality dog that they can compete with in field trials. It's been our experience that our pups have the right stuff to meet your expectations. Whatever qualities you are looking for in your dog, a River Haven Brittany will not disappoint. They will be your best buddy, help you bag a few birds and even make you proud at a field trial.

If you are looking for a quality Brittany, give us a call and we will be glad to help you with a pup from River Haven Brittanys.

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